Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Forest Park South"

Following the example of the "Garden District", another coalition of city neighborhoods has pulled together to work to improve their combined area.

The area, roughly bounded by: Vandeventer at 40, southwest along Vandeventer to the RR right-of-way, then west along the RR right-of-way over to Manchester and Macklind, west on Manchester to Hampton, north on Hampton to 40, and then east on 40 back to Vandeventer has been dubbed "Forest Park South" and includes all of the Forest Park Southeast, Kings Oak, and Cheltenham neighborhoods.

One of the area's first goals is to work for the improvement of the corridors along Manchester, Chouteau, and Oakland Avenues. From a marketing perspective, Forest Park South is the host of this year's area house tour, featuring properties in Forest Park Southeast, the Garden District, and the Lofts at the Highlands. The house tour will take place September 24th from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Registration is $5. The tour will feature a Resource Fair, Art Vendors, and a "Taste of Forest Park Southeast".

The idea of neighborhoods working together to foster community improvement, while still preserving individual neighborhood identity, is a good one with lots of potential in city neighhborhoods.


Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

Taste of Forest Park Southeast?

I wonder if they mean expired, overpriced milk from Manchester Market, and empty containers to symbolize all the upscale places that bluster into the area and quickly close down?

I guess there's La Dolce Via and Mama's and Sister Girl Donuts and Soul Food, but man, I just wish I could get a pizza delivered around here.

I'm not trying to be a crank, but the idea of having a house tour sounds ridiculous when 1/4 of my block is abandoned and I'm scared of walking around in front of my own home.

Maybe I'll give my own house tour... "This dead dog has been here for four days now. The CSB has not responded to complaints. This abandoned car has been here for two weeks, and the police know it's here. Notice the creative placement of furniture on the front porch of this abandoned building, where people sleep when they're not busy panhandling you right in front of your house, and sometimes swearing at you. The man who owns this garbage-strewn property walks right past it every morning when he goes to work at his paper company, but doesn't bother to clean up the trash...."

Joe said...

Of course, La Dolce Via has really been there for something like 15 years, under a different name but the same owners.

I had the same pizza delivery problem down in Marine Villa; Papa John's would not deliver to the specific very-low-rent but not subsidized apartment complex where I lived (3900 block of Illinois) because of ongoing problems there. Where we're at now in Benton Park West, just about everybody delivers, but I give a nice fat tip in most cases (at least, I did when I could afford it). I hear horror stories regularly from the drivers.

I'm not sure this "Forest Park South" thing is that significant, yet. After, Kings Oak is just like three blocks of houses, feeling the heat of SLUH expansion; and Cheltenhamm is only a little bigger. If the Dogtown neighborhoods joined up with FPSE, now, THAT would be news!