Friday, April 14, 2006

Tell-Tale Heart

Every once in while, very seldom indeed, you see an artist who instantly gives you that prescient, "they're destined for greatness" feeling.

Gage Love, touring guitarist with Torch the Morgue from Quad Cities, was featured in this space recently along these lines. Twenty-five years ago, jazz duo Tuck and Patti gave us that impression at a small piano bar high in the Berkely Hills.

Today, right here in St. Louis, another young artist, Joel Dodson, is doing the same. Dodson's combination of excellent guitar work, the sonic power of his melodic vocals, combined with genuine enthusiasm and fun while performing, make for a great music experience.

The fact that he puts it all together at once is the most impressive part about him. Few performers combine guitar mastery and excellent vocals in the same person. Dodson does so flawlessly, while having a good time with his band and the audience.

Tonite at 7:30 Dodson will be performing with his band, "Tell-Tale Heart", at Cummell's Cafe, 1627 Washington Avenue. For those looking for a "we knew them when" experience, be sure to check these guys out.

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