Monday, February 12, 2007

$80 Million Commercial Project Proposed at Southside Crossroads

Project to include a grocery store and pharmacy. Located at I-44 and I-55 interchange, 12th and Lafayette.

Currently, the site is mostly vacant with some existing and newer homes which may be cleared for the project. Does anyone have authoritative information about the sentiment of local neighborhood groups and elected officials on the proposal?

The shopping center developers, "Gilded Age", have a long history in the area, and are also the developers of the City Hospital project located directly across the street from the proposed shopping center.


Urban Review said...

Everyone I've talked to seems to be against eminent domain to take the existing properties between Tucker & 13th. I've talked to some Lafeyette Square residents and they all seem more interested in an urban project on this site.

Michael Allen said...

It seems safe to assume that Bohemian Hill homeowners whose houses may end up the target of eminent domain action are squarely against the project.

Rick Bonasch said...

Has there been any official response to this proposal by local neighborhood organizations?

Brian said...

I think most people would be more accepting of this project if:

1) the project featured a more urban design and

2) "phase II," which requires the demolition of the houses on the eastern end of BH, was eliminated.

people are talking said...

"People", "everyone", "homeowners" are all safe generalizations.

Who is talking? Isn't most of Bohemian Hill rental property?

samizdat said...

^Oh, well, it's all rental, so who gives a f***? Actually, there are numerous homeOWNERS whose homes would be taken for this project. Some rehabbed and, believe it or not, several newly constructed homes. "People are talking" should get his/her facts straight before opening its gob. Check out the Journal portion of the PD site for more info.

Rick Bonasch said...

The homes built with Jo Noero designs were targeted for owner occupants. Also, there is a Red Brick Community Land Trust interest.

There are quite a few of the area's original buildings in seriously deteriorated condition.

Does anyone have the percentage breakdown between owner-occupied, rental, and vacant homes in the area?