Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cassilly's Riverfront Project Rising?

Was it at Mayor Slay's blog, where there's mention of a new northside project under development by Bob Cassilly, creator of the City Museum?

Does anyone know where it is? What it will be? Any details or links?


Joe said...

Hi Rick:

It's the old cement plant on Riverview Drive at Scranton Avenue, straddling the city/county boundary north of Baden and south of Chain of Rocks. Cassilly has owned the complex for quite some time, but has started moving dirt in bizarre ways that has people talking.

Could be very interesting -- and conveniently located just steps from the Riverfront Trail, and a few blocks from the new Riverview-Hall MetroBus Center.

Anonymous said...

"Could be very interesting"



Anonymous said...

That raised my interest as well. I'd heard vague rumors, but the mayor mentioning made it seem like it is happening soon?

My hunting came up with this: