Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feeling Young?

With voters headed to the polls today, the presidential primary races have boiled down to four top candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and John McCain.

For the republicans, McCain appears to have a big lead over all of his republican opponents. His overall victory today looks to be a lock.

On the democrat side, things are much less clear. Over the past few weeks, Obama has nearly drawn even with Clinton.

Do you think voters are swayed in the direction of candidates they most identify with on a personal level? Never mind the policy distinctions. Rather, if they consider themselves more similar to one candidate or another, do they pick that candidate?

I ask this question, because in this country, we have an obsession with youth and youth culture. We have a national obsession with being young, with prolonging youth, and with fighting off old age. As the popular expression goes, "50 is the new 40".

Given our cultural obsession with youth, does that help one candidate over another? Obama appears to be attracting younger voters. But what about middle aged voters? Do they choose Obama because he makes them feel young?


Anonymous said...

Aren't most voters elderly and female? Give Hillary the edge.

stlmark said...

The vast majority of the voting electorate are seniors. John McCain, if elected, would be one of, if not the oldest president ever.

Anonymous said...

What do people think about asians and hispanics in California overwhelmingly voting for Clinton over Obama?

Is Hillary benefitting from a racially divided democratic party?

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the voting electorate are seniors.

Average age of voters this year is around 54; median is about 44.