Wednesday, March 05, 2008

City Readies Commercial Site at 44/Hampton

The Post Dispatch is reporting that the City of St. Louis has completed the site assemblage at the northeast corner of I-44 and Hampton by purchasing the former MSD headquarters.

The site assembly paves the way for a 26-acre, mixed use development, at a high traffic count/good visibility/strong demographic location. The site was a diamond in the rough, housing City Street Department and MSD facilities for years. The City will offer the site for development proposals later this year.

With the new Drury Inn nearby, and the established Hampton business corridor as anchors, the redevelopment possibilities for this site are significant. Maybe even an IKEA?


stlmark said...

Will TIF's or any other public money be made available to the developer? If so, do the citizens get a voice in the design?

Rick Bonasch said...

If there are incentives provided, those would be considered through public hearings, and then ordinances adopted by the Board of Aldermen.

Committee meetings leading up to the decision are public, and testimony is given, both pro and con. It would be good to work on the front end of the process if their are community goals in mind.

The location is sort of a no-man's land in terms of neighborhood that Dogtown? The Hill? Clifton Heights? Cheltenham? None of the above?

On the plus side, there are really no neighbors living directly adjacent this site, so possible regionally-scaled commercial uses will be insulated from long-established residential areas.

GMichaud said...

Traffic could be a problem, it already is at times. The neighborhood across the street would be impacted. It would be nice to do something useful with the site, an Ikea is a good start.

How are they going to figure out who is the developer? Hopefully it won't be another Desco style suburban development.
The highway is like a huge wall, still the site might begin to knit neighborhoods together if handled correctly. As always it comes down to how it is built. It could be a great thing for St. Louis, or just another dud venture that will be abandoned after everyone makes their up front money.(a la St. Louis Marketplace)

Rick Bonasch said...

There will be an RFP to select a developer.

Greg's post reminds me of the interesting wedge north of 44, west of Hampton, and south of Manchester.

That area has an diverse mix of residential, industrial, and office uses in a compact setting.