Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blogger has a problem

The security codes to make new posts, the ones where you have to enter the anti-spam letters in the box, have become nearly impossible to read. For me at least. Has anyone else noticed this?

Why does blogger schmoosh the security letters so close together that they are nearly impossible to read? Sometimes it takes me four or five tries to get a post past the spam blocker. Is it just me, or is my increasingly advancing age rendering me more and more incapable of functioning in this (youth dominated/sight advantaged?) internet world?

(ps: I'm now on my third try to enter this post...maybe its an Apple thing?)

(okay, this is ridiculous,,,now its the fourth try...)

(the first round of editing has me back dealing with blogger's spam blocker gatekeeper..here we go again...)

1 comment:

LisaS said...

Rick, I don't have to do that for posting, just for comments (and yes, sometimes those are illegible)... maybe it's an Apple thing, maybe a setting on the blog?

I like blog city's comment protection better: solve a math problem.