Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hard left or hard right?

With so much attention focused on the democratic presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it's been easy to lose sight of the major showdown about to happen in our country this fall. While the democratic candidates have been fighting to pin down their parties nomination, it's important to remember, they're playing on the same team. The real choice for this country comes in November. And this time around, the choices for president offer Americans a real difference.

For the republicans, we have an older, white, pro-Iraq war, veteran and former P-O-W. For the democrats, we have a young, black, anti-Iraq war, Harvard trained lawyer. While the candidates will work to keep the campaign respectful, there is no telling what their party operatives and supporters might do.

In the end, this election will move our country in one of two completely opposite directions. The economy, oil prices, the war in Iraq, health care, oh, and the economy, will be central themes. How does McCain lift the economy? How does Obama address the issue of rising gas prices? What will Hillary add to the debate? Where are we headed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Where will all those Bush cabinet people go?

Does McCain pick Romney for VP to strengthen his domestic economy hand? Does Obama bring in Hillary to solidify the democratic base? While the primary race between Clinton and Obama was great political theater, it was just a warm up for what promises to be a fascinating and close general election.


Anonymous said...

Obama will win the election based on his opposition to the war in Iraq. No other issue matters as much to the American people. McCain has no chance; he supports the war in Iraq.

GMichaud said...

After the past years of Bush and the Republicans, which can only be described as a major disaster in the management of government and policy, it is hard to believe voters could support anyone but Obama.
But, sad to say, America is a highly prejudiced and backward nation in many ways, matching Al Qaida in mindless fervor, so who knows.

Anonymous said...

While supporting neither Obama or McCain at this point, I think this race will be closer than either of you think.

The fact that a 72-year old guy who took a very unpopular position on Iraq and put his candidacy at great risk came back from nowhere to win his party's presumed nomination hands down, points to America's admiration for no-nonsense and principled leadership.

This is not to say I agree with McCain -- simply that he is a force to be reckoned with.

It'll be very interesting to watch. Really too bad Tim Russert won't be around to watch it.

Bill Burnes