Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Heads Up!

According to the Young Architects Forum St. Louis website, the National Park Service is expected to give preliminary feedback from this month's meetings regarding the future management and possible development of the Arch grounds. From the Young Architect's site we found this reference:

"The National Parks Service will issue a newsletter within the next 30 days that will outline in greater detail the identified potential management options for public review and comment."

This newsletter may provide the first official response to the idea of vacating the depressed and elevated lanes of I-70 adjoining the Arch grounds.

From the same Young Architects website, it appears the AIA is readying an official response on the Arch plan as well. Does anyone know if the AIA has a take on the issue of depressed lanes and Memorial Drive?

The St. Louis Chapter of the AIA could be the perfect group to sponsor a design competition for the future of Memorial Drive.

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john w. said...

It's clearly time for a competition, and in a country so enamored with democracy, I cannot think of a process of bringing out the vox populi on such a highly visible issue as this one. All have a voice, and a competition allows our arguments on the conditions and use of public land to be heard in a very public manner. A competition is fine example of American democracy. There should be such a competition.