Thursday, October 09, 2008

Suburban Journal Subscriptions

Starting in November, home delivery of the Suburban Journal will require a subscription. The once a week newspaper (twice if you count the mostly ad-based weekend version), will be offered at $19.99 for a one-year subscription.

We will be subscribing. The Journal is an excellent source of neighborhood news. Unforturnately, as a cost cutting measure, over this past year, the Journal has ceased delivery to some areas of St. Louis City and County.

Will the new subscription only option make delivery available again to these formerly served areas? Yes, according to the Journal's customer service department.

To subscribe, please call 1-888-755-2879.


Seth Teel said...

This is some of the greatest new I have heard in a while. Every wednesday without fail, my street (half vacant houses) is littered with Suburban Journals. I have called and tried to have this stopped but with no avail. Now finally the PD realizes how much paper, gasoline, time, and money they are wasting. If people want the journal they will subscribe. It may not have come to this if it was this easy to unsubscribe.

Michael R. Allen said...

Never, ever got it for free here in Old North. Not once since moving here in September 2005!

matthew said...

This isn't a scheme to realize how much money the PD is Losing they have benn Losing money ever since they were purchased by Lee in 2005 as a Formal employee of th PD and SJ if you looked through Revenue reports The SJ although free and printed twice per week mande almost twice the monthly revenue of The PD but unfortunatly due to some piss poor decisions by Lee Corporate these two papers are falling apart at the seam's and a likely sale of the journals and post are not too far off in the distance. Say goodbye to the once great Newspaper Machine that Pulitzer inc. once built and say hello to bankruptcy like the tribune

Jaycen said...

I just assumed they were getting some kind of subsidy paid for by my tax dollars. The majority of my neighbors do what I do with them each time they show up on the lawn - throw them straight into the trash.