Friday, November 21, 2008

Jazzy Cops Downtown?

People talk about street vendors, sidewalk cafes, and trolleys to enliven downtown.

How about some flashy, traffic directing police officers during rush hour?


Seth Teel said...

What rush hour? The only time there is ever traffic downtown is for a baseball, football, or hockey game. Even that clears out in less than an hour.

Anonymous said...

It depends. There are times where traffic gets logjammed around the Old Court House for no apparent reason.

I know; I've waited sometimes up to an hour just to exit the Kiener West garage, this during a normal M-F.

With a policeman pointing your way, blowing a whistle, keeping traffic moving, problems would be minimal, and people'd feel a heightened sense of public safety.


Sparky said...

Remember Zig Ziglar's motivational business seminar that has been held at the Scottrade Center on a weekday? And the ensuing traffic gridlock as a result? At least the cops learned their lesson the second time and were stationed in the intersections.

Anonymous said...

In Boston, the traffic cops wear white gloves so their hand motions can be easier seen.

Looks good too.