Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fountain Square

The plaza across from the Old Post Office is nearly complete. The project spans the south side of the block between 8th and 9th Streets. The plaza shares the block with the Roberts' Orpheum and Tower projects. The plaza has a sleek design, with modern lighting and an impressive water feature.

At the east end of a giant flat metal projection screen is a 4-story fountain. Well, it's more like a 4-story waterfall. Water pours down the side of a round metal surface and then drops four floors straight down into a stone pool.

The falling water makes the loud, continuous crashing sound you'd expect from a sizable waterfall. I'm guessing here, but this is probably the tallest waterfall in the midwest.

Both the sight and sound are impressive. I wonder if it will be lit up with colorful lighting at night? Passersby were stopping on the sidewalk to take it all in.


Matt M. said...

You mean the Old Post Office.

Nice to hear of the progress. Urban STL has some fairly recent pictures, too, for those of us out of town.

Rick Bonasch said...

Duly noted...I've got to keep my historic landmarks straight :-)

Now if the sculpture garden on the mall is any match for the new fountain square, we will have some serious destination recreation spots in our downtown.

Clayton draws big crowds for their "Parties in the Park". It would be wonderful to see something similar at the new Fountain Square. (Not its official name...yet!)

Anonymous said...

Destination recreation? What about the ED, Busch III, Union Station, City Museum, the Arch and Scottrade Center? Downtown is the region's playground.

Brian said...

The new plaza really looks good. Now, if we could see some dense development in the blocks around it - at 7th and Locust, 10th and Olive, etc. that would be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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