Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Downtown scenes

With warmer weather, there are usually interesting sights to see downtown. Today, in no particular order, a few come to mind.

The windows are being installed in the Roberts Tower. They are in about a third of the way up the building. Looks good.

Shade trees along Washington Avenue have grown to the size where they are providing real shade. Walking back from a meeting, I took a turn down the sunny side of the street to enjoy the shade of the trees on the sidewalk.

A man was walking around the Ballpark Village site wearing a Depression-styled sandwich board sign. It said "No More Bars".

Lastly, a row of cars, motorcycles, and RVs were all parked on Memorial Drive in front of the Arch. Tourists probably. Traffic was moving around them with no problem, but there was a city police officer writing them all tickets.

Maybe its time to consider street parking on Memorial Drive during non-peak traffic hours. Given how seldom people park there, and the revenue potential from parking meters, it could be a good money maker. $1 for every 15 minutes?

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