Friday, August 21, 2009

Lambert Rising with "Windows on St. Louis"

This being vacation season, I made a trip to Lambert St. Louis International Airport this week and was amazed at the airport's new tourist friendly exhibit "Windows on St. Louis" located in the luggage area of the main terminal. The display is worth a visit to the airport.

There are four or five huge displays, situated behind huge panes of glass, highlighting St. Louis area destinations including the New Cathedral, the U City Loop, and the Arch. It's a must see. Kudos to the organizers behind this effort. For all the criticisms of Lambert, I personally am a big fan of the place. It's easy to get in and out, parking is ridiculously close and cheap, and it's within ten minutes of downtown.

The Visitors and Convention Bureau has a booth there as well, stocked with info about good things to see and do around St. Louis. We picked up a flier for a historic St. Louis themed baseball exhibition now showing at the Arch grounds. Did you know it was there? It runs through the end of the year.


Mark Groth said...

Rick, is this exhibit where the old Feats of Aviation or whatever exhibit used to be? I recall they removed that awhile back.

I don't see why people diss Lambert other than it's dead. It's got Metrolink service, it's cheapto park, the main terminal is cool looking and it's close to the city. We just need more activity and direct flights.

rick said...

Yes, Mark that is correct. i don't know what happened to the old history of flight murals, because those were very cool.

Leah Jewel said...

You made me want to visit the exhibit. Thanks.