Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reconnecting the city to the riverfront

St. Louis architect Paul Hohmann tracks St. Louis architecture, history, and construction at his blog, Vanishing St. Louis.

Hohmann is currently featuring photographs of downtown taken at the time of Arch construction. The images dramatically show the moment in time where downtown, the Arch, and river were cut off from each other.

It's ironic that the disconnect happened at the time the Arch was built. 50 years later, under a new management plan for the Arch, everyone is looking for ways to reconnect the city, the Arch, and the river. A review of these images would be a good place to start.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rambo Slay, the King of St. Louis, is going to connect the city to the river. Nice sound bite, nice talking point, nice slight of hand to try to cover up the McKee debacle. And you go blubbering on, pretending press releases from the Mayor's office mean something. Why don't you wax eloquent about Ballpark Village again.

Rick Bonasch said...

^ ?????

That's a choice comment. STL Rising encourages anonymous comments, so the above stands.

Re. Ballpark Village, not sure what the anonymous commenter is trying to say.

This poster supported the deal to keep the Cardinals downtown and supported the vision behind BV.

Re. McKee, this poster supports the redevelopment of the near northside in the broad terms which have been laid out to date.

STL Rising is an advocate of the potential for residential development at BV Village.

STL Rising welcomes more anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

Press releases from the mayor's office mean more than anonymous comments.