Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The boulevard can brighten your day!

Does driving the depressed lanes or on the top of an elevated highway lift your spirits? Does the experience improve your daily routine? Does it make you happy?

What about driving through Forest Park? Do you ever plan your trips through the park when connecting between Point A and Point B? I know I do. There are lots of ways to go, but the beauty of the drive through the park makes for a better day. I like seeing the green of the park rather than the grey of concrete.

Do you think a landscaped boulevard, possibly with a fountain or two, and views of the Eads Bridge, the Arch and Old Court House might have the same effect? Would it be a nicer way to make your way through town than on a buried highway or elevated interstate?

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dempster said...

Driving on the proposed riverfront boulevard will be very pleasent as long as you don't mind bumper to bumper traffic with stop lights at every corner; trucks spewing exhaust in your face, ect