Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How long on the market?

There's a closed florist shop for sale on Chippewa between Hampton and Kingshighway. It's a nice enough looking building, but for whatever reason, the place has not sold in over a year. Any theories why?


Anonymous said...

Banks are tighter lending now.

Property in the city.

Crime rate.



Condition of the property.

Anonymous said...

Responses to the original anonymous comnenter:

"Banks are tighter lending now"

Property is only worth what you can borrow against it.

"Property in the city"

See above

"Crime rate"

See above


See above


See above

Condition of the property

See above

These people must want waaay to much for this building, and the longer it sits, the more the value drops.

Anonymous said...

Hey, here is an idea: City leaders should put all their eggs in the basket to redo the arch grounds. Then get incompetent businessmen to work on jobs and neighborhoods. McKee culd turn that florist building into a trashed out shell in no time. It would be a change, and therefore an improvement, if I read St. Louis leadership correctly.

I mean, like why ask the question you asked, Bonasch? In this pay to play city, it is a wonder we have any businesses. Look at the level of imagination our leaders display: Redo the Arch grounds, Ballpark Village, the Bottle District. Meanwhile, our neighborhoods are not doing too well, and we are continuing to lose jobs and everything else. Take off your blinders, boy.