Friday, June 10, 2011

South County Connector Alignments Released for Public Comment

Five options considered:

Laclede Station Road Corridor
Shrewsbury Avenue Corridor
River Des Peres Boulevard Extension Corridor
South Outer Road Corridor
Local Roads Corridor

Maps of each are posted along with an analysis of the pros and cons of each alternative.



samizdat said...

The whole thing is a bit of a boondoggle. Unnecessary and probably unwanted. With the internal combustion engine on it's last legs, oil prices going up, up, up (they won't be coming down, much), this is an unbelievable waste of time, energy and resources. Just because Fred Weber and Holcim need to dump some concrete doesn't make this a good idea. Yeah, going south in this direction is more of a challenge, but I'm an intelligent human being, and I manage quite well. Don't know why other people can't do it.

GMichaud said...

It is hard to believe the obsession with more roads is still active. All new money for construction, other than maintenance should be invested in transit, bicycle lanes, walking, new city planning and so on, not on additional lanes of traffic.
I guess the faux leadership of the region has missed the obvious signs of crisis that sole dependence on the auto and oil have taken us.
More than anything it is a national security issue. If oil was to become unavailable it would be a catastrophe for St. Louis. Some cities, like New York would be able to function, but St. Louis would be hit hard.
If rational thinking was going on, the mainstream media and the political/corporate ruling class support for policies to run the world out of oil, would end. We are impacting choices of future generations as well. Nor does the auto, with its large resource footprint, appear to be a long term solution for movement of people around metro areas.
Wars for oil are already underway. The Middle East can explode any time. Instead the compliant media and political class serve the robber barons in the oil, concrete, and associated industries. Robust solutions for new movement systems are denied as time is wasted on more roads, allowing problems to fester and grow.
I guess we have to wait for a major crisis to wake people up. A proper movement system cannot be installed overnight. The auto must be balanced with comprehensive and alternate movement systems and it needs to start now.
(A side note: the examples of the congestion problems they cite on their website are laughable, most of the backups could be corrected with signal timing)

Anonymous said...

forget the road

i live on the route and think its another waste of taxpayers money

i think this is just a gambling joint at the south end of the route wanting more customers anyways

samizdat said...

Anon, I believe you may have hit the nail on the head, or at least one of the nails. I hadn't thought about the casino, but then again, I don't go to them.