Tuesday, November 29, 2011

STL Union Station: TOD Opportunity?

With the challenges facing Union Station, does it make sense to redevelop the property with an emphasis on transit-oriented-development at or under the current train shed/surface parking lot area?

The site is large enough to support a mixed income, multi-family, rental and/or homeownership development of 100 units or more.

The train shed superstructure could remain or be removed. If it were preserved, the development would be similar to gasometer adaptive ruse projects in other parts of the world.

The location has convenient access to jobs and light rail, and would support the retail, restaurant, and hotel uses of the historic train station.


Goat314 said...

I've always though the same. Union Station would be a perfect TOD. It should definitely switch its focus to becoming mixed use and building on top of all that parking space.

Ron said...

Mixed use, esp. residential and shops serving daily human needs, with AND nearby Union Station, would begin to create community.