Friday, January 06, 2012

Did Surface Parking Save (Downtown) Cardinal Baseball?

The abundance of surface parking lots in downtown St. Louis is the bane of most urbanists. But is it possible that because there was that huge surface parking lot right next to old Busch Stadium, that downtown St. Louis is the place for Cardinal baseball today?

All the complicated financing aside, if it wasn't for the availability of a buildable downtown location for a new stadium, the Cardinals would have been a lot more likely to leave town for "greener pastures" outside of the city.

Where once there were lifeless surface parking lots, today stands one of the most prominent landmarks on the downtown skyline. Now if we could just get something built on the Ballpark Village parking lots, we'd have two big destinations where there was once just one.

Part of what makes St. Louis attractive for the future is the availability of redevelopment sites. We just need to figure out how to use them.

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