Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cherry Pickers Rising!

Check it out: while traversing the city from Union to St. Louis Avenue, I spied two, count 'em two, hi-lift bucket tractors stationed next to the south wall of the Mullanphy Building!

How'd they do that?


Matt Fernandez said...

There was a boom truck there as well when I drove down to McDonald's (can't eat Crown Candy every day). The crew is working to stabilize the roof and south wall so that there are no further collapses. They have a temporary permit for the work, but nothing besides stabilization is planned at this point that I know of. There is an interesting idea for the building, but I don't know if I should discuss it at all at this point. Keep up the good work. The Mullanphy Home still needs everyones help.

Rick Bonasch said...

Hey Matt,

Good to see you blogging again, and volunteering at ONSL!

Matt Fernandez said...

I'm going to try to blog about something once a week. I haven't been writing for a while, but I'm trying to start again.

And I've really enjoyed the short amount of time I've been at the ONSLRG. The extremely comprehensive tour of the neighborhood I got on Monday was the best part so far.

Michael R. Allen said...

ONSLRG is demonstrating the power of an old St. Louis tradition:

Making astounding good come out of little resources.