Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reopen the Caves!

In the ongoing quest to raise St. Louis up to maximum possible coolness status, let's start a civic initiative to reopen the caves near Lemp and Highway 55 as a new-or very old- underground beer garden and music venue. New Years Eve in the Cave! Party down! Waaay down!!


Claire Nowak-Boyd said...


Yeah, I remember when I first found out that 1. StL had these amazing, strange caves and 2. they had been shut down by the construction of the highway! Heartbreaking!

Bring 'em back, say I.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... open for halloween??? that'd be cool... beyond cool actually...

Rick Bonasch said...

There was an article in the news just in the last week or so announcing the rehab of one of the old breweries in the Benton Park area. It sounds like it may be the same complex that houses Ramp Riders.

The story reported that the developers plan to reopen the caves under the old brewery as part of a commercial enterprise.

It seems STL is slowly reclaiming her identity.