Wednesday, June 07, 2006

St. Louis Opens Annual "Sweat Fete" Season

It's that time of year again, where in church parking lots and neighborhood streets friends and neighbors gather to sweat, consume mass quantities of A-B products, and have an old-fashioned, neighborly good time. It's block party, neighborhood festival, and parish picnic season.

Last nite was the Our Lady of Sorrows picnic, held on Bishop DuBourg High School's parking lot. This Saturday is the parish picnic for St. Gabriel's church. St. Stephen's always has a good one (anyone know the date?). The Polish Falcons sponsor a big party at their St. Louis Avenue home-always fun with good music and food.

These St. Louis traditions are among our city's best. Be sure to check them out, bring your friends and families, and enjoy the special charm and character of our neighborhoods.

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Paul Gaydos said...

St. Stephens Picnic is this Wednesday, June 14th. But it may not be as good this year since the buidling of a gym has taken up much of the picnic's original space. It should still be a good time though.