Monday, December 04, 2006

Cool STL List

Since we're in the middle of cold snap, why not go with it...and have some fun thinking of all the cool things about St. Louis. St. Louis makes it on a lot of lists, but I bet if the list makers ranked places by how many cool spots they have, STL would rate pretty high. We all have different ideas about what's cool, so add your ideas to the list. When it's done, we'll permanent link it as a resource directory for anyone looking for the cool side of the STL.

St. Louis Cool List

Four seasons
Decorated neighborhoods
A-B Brewery
Grant's Farm
The Arch
Cahokia Mounds
Delmar Loop
Soulard Market
Crown Candy
STL Cardinals
Kid Hockey
The Grove
S. Grand
Historic Cemeteries
The Mississippi River
Our Lady of the Snows
Forest Park
Tower Grove Park
Carondelet Park
Fountain Park
Glencoe Steam Trains
Ted Drewes
Old Cathedral
New Cathedral
Doctor to Patient Ratio
Hospital Bed to Patient Ration
Free Art Museum
Free History Museum
Free Zoo
Muni Theater
Hibernian's Dogtown Parade
Krewe Barkus Parade
City Museum
Free Concerts at the Arch
Eads Bridge
Jefferson Barracks
Civil War History
Old Court House
Revolutionary War History
SLU High
Wash U
Sisters of St. Jospeph Reliquary
Lemp Brewery
Steel Guitar Hall of Fame
Gravity Strings
Killer Vintage
Eddie's Guitars
Confluence of the Missouri/Mississippi
Great Rivers Greenway
Heine Meine Field
Missouri Botanical Garden
Laumeier Sculpture Park
St. Charles Historic Main Street
Steinberg Ice Rink
Old Town Florissant, Webster, Ferguson, Kirkwood, Clayton, Ladue, Bel Nor, Normandy
Brick Streets
CWE Street Lights
Brick neighborhoods
Forested neighborhoods
Yard Sales
Neighborhood Bars
Emerging Macklind Avenue
Scholar Shop
Our Little Haven

Would you add anything?


Anonymous said...

Growing gay population
The Royale
52nd City Magazine

Anonymous said...

Is "The Grove" cool already?

Michael Allen said...

The North Riverfront Trail
The St. Louis Brewery and Schlafly Beer
Storefront art spaces
Clean modern light rail
Cherokee Street
Vibrant blogosphere
"Living St. Louis"
Mad Art Gallery
Clemens House
Funnel cake (no apologies)
Bike culture
Left Bank Books
Dapper Dan's
Larry Giles' architectural artifact collection
Hyde Park
Three standpipe water towers
Three Louis Sullivan buildings
Potential for growth

Anonymous said...

"Is "The Grove" cool already?" I don't know; I've never been.

What makes something cool? When is it no longer?

What about Washington Avenue?

Anonymous said...

Parish picnics
Parish Fishfry's

Anonymous said...

The Mayor's office conference room. If you haven't seen it, it's totally cool. They should give tours.

Caves under Benton Park and the Lemp Brewery.

Anonymous said...

Caves under the Lemp Brewery:

Anonymous said...

City of St. Louis Flag

Anonymous said...

Bellerive Park and the view.

The Old Cathedral at day break

The fuc---- reindeer at O'connels