Thursday, March 29, 2007

STL 2017

With so many efforts underway to improve the St. Louis area, there is a wide range of possibilities for supporting our region's growth. How do you think we should prioritize our efforts?

Tutoring kids in school?
Neighborhood cleanups?
Historic preservation?
Home repair or rehab?
Demolition of certain beyond-hope structures?
Park and greenspace improvement?
Outdoor/farmer's market support?
Economic development?
Senior services?
Stream cleanup?
Tourism promotion?
Neighborhood involvement?

In the past ten years, we've made great progress...

Major improvements downtown...
Historic rehab across the city...
New downtown stadium...
City population stabilized and increasing...
Substantial redevelopment on the city's northside...

For the next ten years, what should we set out to accomplish?

New Mississippi Bridge?
Restructure public education?
Revitalize Dr. Martin Luther King commercial corridor?
Redraw certain neighborhood boundaries?
Increase our bio-tech status?
Gateway Mall?

We have momentum. How should we leverage it?


Anonymous said...

Cleveland High School redeveloped as lofts, with front area developed as a public greenspace.

Anonymous said...

How about a 20% increase in the number of high school graduates and a 20% increase in the city's population?

Doug Duckworth said...

A green belt to prevent further sprawl out west is essential, however political highly unlikely, in my opinion.

Howard said...

depends, don't you think, on how you define "we"

The "we" that is current tourism promotion, for example, is an effort to spread tourism dollars around the St. Louis area, as opposed to a focus on bringing tourism dollars to the City. The City derives benefits but, to be honest, would be better off with its own program.

Rick Bonasch said...

Isn't it true that most St. Louis area tourism happens at city venues? We were at the Botanical Garden on Sunday, and it was packed with a decidely metropolitan/international vibe.