Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cherokee Now

Things seem to have quieted down along Cherokee since the 20th ward primary. There was buzz on the blogs for a while about getting more neighborhood involvement, especially for residents interested in the future of Cherokee. But that seems to have faded, at least by what you can gauge from local blogs.

Does anyone know a place online to keep up with the continuing revitalization of Cherokee, especially the section between Jefferson and Gravois? Please post if you know of any links. Or is it time to start a new free blog...just for Cherokee?


Anonymous said...

The Cherokee Station Business Association (for the portion of Cherokee between Jefferson and Nebraska, I think) has a new-ish web site: http://www.cherokeestation.com/

Not a whole lot of content on it yet, but word is that it will include listings soon of the businesses along the strip, etc.

Rick Bonasch said...

Thanks. Actually the site has quite a lot of content and looks pretty good. We will permanent link it on the right.

There is a forum section which requires registration and there are links to a number of resource documents for the area.

Susan said...

My neighborhood, which borders Cherokee Street, just launched a new website: www.marinevilla.org
Marine Villa is being remarketed and there is new energy definately. A new logo and neighborhood tours will follow in the near future. We're also getting a group together to run a new neighborhood association board, replacing Craig Schmid as president.

And Cherokee Station Business Association is doing great things. Come to Cherokee for Cinco de Mayo.
And then check out the History Fair on Cherokee Street May 19 & 20th!

With a little searching you'll find that all of the neighborhoods around Cherokee St. (Marine Villa, Benton Park West) have active listserves which you can join if you want to learn what is going on.

Penny Magas said...

MarineVilla also has a blog with an events calendar. There's not much on it this week, but I think you'll find it will get more activity in the months to come: http://www.marinevilla.org/sailing/