Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Downtown STL Reaching Critical Mass?

I've lost count. How many housing options are available in downtown STL? Yesterday, I saw the old Ford Apartments on 14th being gutted in preparation for a high-end condo development.

The transformation in the last ten years has been remarkable, and in the next five years we will have a downtown core that will be a model for urban revitalization.

Ballpark Village will be complete and thousands of new residents will be calling downtown St. Louis home. Revitalization of the Gateway Mall will likely be complete or in full swing.

City living has many advantages. Will St. Louis be the mecca for those seeking a hip, affordable, exciting, environmentally-friendly, downtown lifestyle? The groundwork has been laid, and now we are seeing the results of years of planned progress.


Anonymous said...

Great! However, a bunch of fun seekers and hipsters are unlikely to be the foundation for long term prosperity. I'm sure you know the problems: SLPS, crime, tax base, city income tax, inefficient governmental structure, lack of cooperation between city/county, a regional governmental structure that creates conflict, etc. etc. More people are moving into the surrounding counties then to the City. The remaining political base in the City doesn't even vote, yadayadayad

Anonymous said...

I love the generalization that everyone moving downtown is a "fun seeker" or "hipster"...I know quite a few downtown residents who live there because they like what DT has to offer.

MH said...

...and anony is wrong in the fact that StL County is losing population, while the city is gaining. I love when folks rehas the same old story of the city's problems. Don't worry, they will be your (county) problems very soon as well. These problems exist and the city is STILL seeing a rebirth, so once the problems are solved, this place will absolutely explode.