Monday, July 02, 2007

Districts or Wards?

After seventeen years in St. Louis, fourteen of them in the city , I still don't know the number for our police district. When people cite different police districts around town, I'm lost. It's the one time I feel like a real out-of-towner.

I know the location of the city's 79 neighborhoods and her 28 wards, but have no idea how many police districts we have, let alone their boundaries. Some folks are just the opposite. They'll use their police district and neighborhood name interchangeably.

There are people who say St. Louis is "subtle". Identifying with a police district is something I've never understood. It's another of those nuanced things like the "where'd you go to high school" question. Maybe the practice dates back to our loss of local control of the police department? Or maybe it's just another example of our strong sense of community and neighborhood identity.


Urban Review said...

I can't tell you the total number of police districts but I can point you in the direction to find out yours:

I went ahead and ran your address and found that ou are in police "District Number 2 - South Patrol Division" and fire "District Number 3".

From the police website we can see all their locations which gives somewhat of a clue:

Headquarters: 1200 Clark Avenue
South Patrol Division: 3157 Sublette Avenue
Central Patrol Division: 919 N. Jefferson Avenue
North Patrol Division: 4014 Union Boulevard

I still don't know the boundaries.

Joe said...

There are only nine police districts, and really only three on the Southside:

First District:
Chippewa on the North
Kingshighway/Gravois on the West
Mississippi River on the East
City Limits on the South

Second District:
Kingshighway on the East
Gravois on the South
City Limits on the West
Forest Park on the North
(also includes the Wydown-Skinker neighborhood -- where Chief Mokwa lives!)

Third District:
I-44 on the North
Kingshighway on the West
Chippewa on the South
Mississippi River on the East

South Patrol consists of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Districts. Central Patrol on Jefferson consists (I think) of the 4th, 5th, and 9th Districts. And North Patrol is the 6th, 7th, and 8th Districts.

Downtown is in the 4th District.

Several of the Districts have active Business Associations.

On "Safe City" you can get a map, but believe-it-or-not, it is outdated! But the City Address Locator should be pretty much correct; we updated it back when I still worked at CIN.

The major change was moving the northern boundary of the 3rd District from Chouteau to I-44. That was done to deal with the very large number of calls for service in the 3rd District. Still, it is a very busy district even today. Just look at how big it is, and densely populated too. Some northside districts probably have less than 1/3 the population of the 3rd District.

Maire said...

map and frequencies fyi

City Emergency Management Agency was hoping to have a detailed map up for the public from what I've heard...