Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Zip Codes, Parishes and School Districts

Besides our 100-something local municipalities, countless individual wards, neighborhood boundaries, and police districts, in St. Louis, we also identify by school district, zip code, and parish boundaries. Some people even get down to the X-hundred block of a street. When you're an old city, you develop a lot of layers. It's a lot to learn.


Anonymous said...

A lot of the traditional parish boundaries in St. Louis are gone. In Tower Grove South, after the Archbishop closed Holy Family in 2005, all of its area technically went to St. John the Baptist in Bevo, but most people in the area now associate with St. Pius and St. Margaret of Scotland, which are a lot closer. On my block we also have people that attend St. Mary Magdalene, St. Stephen the Protomartyr, and St. Ambrose.

It is sad to see such a strong parish area get ripped apart. It might have worked better if they had merged Holy Family with a church within walking distance. Once people were told that they should drive to church at St. John the Baptist, they decided that they could just drive to another church they liked better.

Darrin said...

How are neighborhood boundaries maintained in St. Louis? Maponics has neighborhood boundaries in a GIS format, but is there an "official" definition?

Alex Cortes said...

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Mark said...

Does anyone have a map that shows parish boundaries?

Joe said...

I have not seen a parish boundary map in a while, although presumably the Archdiocese Planning Office (if that's what it's called) would have them available.

As for the neighborhood map, yes there are various GIS versions. The official geodata is maintained by the Graphics Department at the Planning & Urban Design Agency. But you can browse the map and search for Census data by neighborhood at Map Portal.

Maire said...

Darrin, talk to City Planning--they can get you "official" neighborhood lines. Other option is going to each neighborhood on stlouis.missouri.org and on their websites they'll give the boundaries.

Mark, in the basement of Pius Memorial Library of SLU on the wall is a map of the parish boundaries. I believe the office of education for the archdiocese has that information as well. You can go to the Archdiocese's website to get a rough idea.

best of luck!

and y'all are right--OMG it's an interesting layering system with all that information just for the City!!