Friday, August 24, 2007

Lumiere to transform the Landing

This morning's drive from East St. Louis took me past the rapidly completing Lumiere Casino on Laclede's Landing.

For months drivers on Highway 70 have seen Lumiere's highrise tower under construction. Now, entering Laclede's Landing via the MLK Bridge, you see a whole Lumiere "village" emerging, filling in the entire northwest corner of the Landing's entertainment district.

With months of pre-opening promotions, major efforts to recruit high-quality employees, a huge dry land casino located between the river and downtown, will Lumiere become the major casino attraction of the Midwest?

Personally, I'm not much into casino gambling, but I'm definitely looking forward to a visit to this exciting new addition to the St. Louis riverfront. Who knows, maybe we'll lose a roll of quarters or two into some of their slots.

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Allison said...

Majesty1Hi Rick...I like your blog. I am also looking forward to the grand opening of Lumiere. The building is gorgeous and elegant. I can't wait to try the different restaurants. Downtown St. Louis needs Lumiere to compete with the new Casino Queen. I work downtown, so I can just drop in on my way home.