Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Highway 40 Closure Protests Rising

Concerned citizen and former St. Louis County transporation engineer, Joe Passanise, trying to mobilize public opposition to prevent the January 2nd shutdown of Highway 40:

Stop Highway 40 Closure.com

Regular guy "Jason"'s perspective, documenting life with 40 under construction, blog-style:

Highway 40 Insight


GMichaud said...

I recently sent a letter to the Post commenting on the closure of the Watson Road exit along Highway 44. MoDot screams alternates, yet closes a major highway exit off of Highway 44 (for 2 years), diverting traffic to Lindbergh to get to Waston. (As if Lindbergh will not handle any additional traffic)
Watson is the former Hwy 66 and a major route directly to St. Louis. It is almost like they want to harm the interior of the region economically.

The Hwy 40 closure is questionable, but actions such as the Watson exit closure indicate a poorly run organization. The management at MoDot clearly is incompetent. Along with MoDot, East West Gateway, their decision making partners, also exhibit their incompetence by signing off on all of this crap.

Beyond a doubt all other forms of transit should be removed from MoDot's responsibility. They cannot even build Highways properly (let's not forget the massive tax increase over a decade ago and their failure to deliver on promises made to the people of Missouri)

Their main goal seems to be to serve their special interest friends. They do not serve the people of Missouri. The evidence is clear when you consider the foolish and inexplicable closure of the Watson Road exit.

They even have added lanes to Hwy 44, so they understand more traffic will travel on 44, (thus people will look for alternate routes when congested through accidents, volume etc)

Transportation planning in the St. Louis region (and the state) needs to be revamped and changed. I would hope in Joe Passanises efforts he includes a rethinking of MoDot and Missouri transportation. And I hope Jason also recognizes the gross failure of MoDot.
It is one thing to point out problems, it is quite another to revolutionize the structure that causes these problems.
And beyond a doubt that is what needs to happen.

Rick Bonasch said...


We are taking a step to avoid traffic congestion.

We have made a family decision for our son to transfer from a high school near 270 and 40 to one in the city limits.

One of the main reasons we moved to St. Louis from the SF Bay Area over ten years ago was to avoid snarled highways.

Staying in the city for our daily activities helps keep us out of traffic hassles, substantially lowers transportation costs, and frees up lots of personal time.

GMichaud said...

Rick, Your comments support the idea that Joe Passanise has voiced, that the burden of the closure falls on the citizens of St. Louis region. I can't disagree with that concept.
You mention children, and I have several also, to me the biggest problem is that MoDot is not up to the challenge of a new world. Energy shortages and global warming are real possibilities. Yet there is no evidence of leadership showing a different direction.

I remember how critical everyone was about government preparations when Katrina hit New Orleans.
Yet what is going to happen if fuel is unavailable tomorrow? Has the government planned for a major disruption of oil?
Looking at the state of urban transportation and planning I would have to say no.
Who is going to pay the price if we do not demand better results? It is hard to say, but it is probably our children.

Anonymous said...

Joe Passanise is a political gadfly who will do ANYTHING to get his name in the paper. He has NO credibility.