Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SW City Pizza Vacuum Filled

The Suburban Journal is reporting that a couple from South City is opening a family friendly pizza and beer restaurant in the Southtown Centre at Kingshighway and Chippewa. The restaurant is moving into a 3200 square foot end space across from Starbuck's and Stone Cold Creamery.

The absence of a family friendly pizza place in Southwest City has been a major void in restaurant choices for years. Aside from the semi-new Talayna's franchise at Holly Hills and Gravois, there is no place south of Chippewa and west of Gravois within the city proper where you can buy a beer and a pizza in a primarily pizza house format. That's a huge, underserved market.

Per the Journal story, the new proprietors, noting the clientele frequenting the Starbuck's, see a major untapped market awaiting their new restaurant.


Anonymous said...

What about Black Thorn in TGS?

Anonymous said...

Black Thorn is not SW, nor is it south of Chippewa and west of Gravois.

But what about Lemmons? Lemmons isn't considered primarily a pizza format, is it?

It seems more night club and bar, with pizza on the menu.

urbanreviewstl.com said...

Last time I checked Southtown Center was North of Chippewa.

Do they have enough parking there? Oh wait, there is tons of parking.

What about ADA access from Chippewa or Kingshighway? Oh, yeah, not so good. Too bad for those on foot.

Anonymous said...

It's on Chippewa. It's at Chippewa. The real question is, will people go there?

Anonymous said...

"Pizza vacuum" sounds like my kind of appliance.

stlmark said...

pizza vacuum, sounds like a high school nickname. I know it's off subject, but Mr. X on Morgan Ford is my favorite NY style in town.

Beth said...

I definitely would not consider Black Thorn family-friendly. It's a smoky bar atmosphere, last time I went there. Pizza's not too bad, but I can't tolerate the smoke due to allergies, so I have only been once. (Even with it being a takeout order, the smoke was so intense that I had stuffy sinuses and itchy/watery eyes for a couple of days.)

Am looking forward to trying Pizza-a-go-go, which is a couple blocks south of Arsenal on Ivanhoe.