Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shop Downtown

For the past few months I've been shopping for a winter coat. I never found the right one, so the search continued. Then last weekend, I found a great deal on a beautiful black topcoat. It's perfect. I found it at the downtown Macy's.

The service and selection at Macy's were outstanding; the price was right; and, there were special financing terms. The entire consumer experience was excellent. And to top things off, yesterday, I received a survey in the mail, thanking me for shopping at the downtown Macy's, and asking me about my experience.

Today I'll return the survey, describing how wonderful the store and its people are. STL Rising encourages all readers to support downtown St. Louis and give downtown retail a try.

Left Bank Books is now open. The downtown Macy's competes with all the regional stores in terms of price and selection. The Mayor's office is encouraging people to linger downtown by proposing free parking at meters after 5:00 PM. That's a good idea, and something to support too.


Anonymous said...

macy's is closing.


Anonymous said...

^ Actually, that comment would only make sense if you thought Crestwood was downtown.

Rick Bonasch said...

That's what I thought. Why would Macy's do a customer survey of a store they planned to close? To me, it sounds like just the opposite.

They are trying to decide which stores to keep open. So if you want the downtown Macy's to stay open, shop there!

Mark Groth said...

A agree, this is a great store; an without all the trappings of the suburban malls.