Monday, February 02, 2009

Designing Around The Arch

With two days being too little for the amount of activities going on this weekend, I wasn't able to attend this weekend's meetings at Washington University focused on the Arch as a community design opportunity.

Artists and designers from around the country convened in St. Louis to discuss the Arch as an important asset from a community design standpoint. Did you go? Are there any news stories out there? Did ideas about restoring connectivity between downtown, the riverfront, and the Arch grounds come up? Any feedback, links would be appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: the Post-Dispatch has a feature story on the new Wash U Saarinen exhibit, linked here.


Michael R. Allen said...

Notable news:

Patricia Heyda, visiting professor at Washington Univeristy and an organizer of the student charrette, told the audience that her vision for the charrette included making something of the new river bridge and the resulting ability to remove the highway in front of the Arch.

Cultural Landscape Foundation President Charles Birnbaum made a presentation proposing the JNEM as a UN World Heritage Site.

Rick Bonasch said...


These are great reports. Was there any discussion about how to make these visions happen?

The more people working together to make the vision reality the better chance we will see these things in our lifetimes.

Well, okay, you have a better chance of seeing something happen in your lifetime than I do in mine...but you get the point.

Michael R. Allen said...

"Was there any discussion about how to make these visions happen?"


Rick Bonasch said...

Hi Michael -

I had a chance to talk with Patricia Heyda. She's got a lot of good ideas and contacts.

With all the people getting involved in the thinking about the future of the Arch and DT area, maybe there will be some synergy to come from this.

Excitement and interest on this issue are building.

Getting on the radar screen of the university community can only be a good thing.