Tuesday, June 16, 2009

St. Louis Post Dispatch: start the Arch design competition

Post Dispatch to St. Louis urbanist and design community: Let's get going on the design competition!

(...while we're young already!)

Is it fair to describe the Arch design competition as an urbanism project? Or is it much bigger than that? What are the competing interests?

Based on varying points of view, what does a winning design look like?


Andrew J. Faulkner said...

Interesting that the sole commenter (a rarity!) "tpekren" identified the need to remove 70 between the PSB and the MRB.

If only Barb Geismann was listening. If she wasn't, hopefully she was around the elevated section last week:

GMichaud said...

It could be argued that the Forest Park Expressway is a better model for highways in the city than the massive gash's that are now highways in the City region.

Certainly a new Memorial Drive designed on similar principles would be an welcome experiment in human activity surrounding the hopelessly isolated arch.

Roads should capture the high ground at a minimum on the north and south extremities. they would be at the same ground level as the arch.

Small scale buildings everywhere would be good support, but not absolutely necessary. (Artistically yes)

The question is whether the design competition becomes a tool to suppress ideas, or an open tool to express many potential solutions?

Discussion of city planning issues even within region also seem to be relevant given the fact the Arch is a national monument.

If the Architectural Competition is designed to support a particular plan or point of view already present within the Park Service it will be a lost once in a life opportunity, yet again.

Anonymous said...

its very intresting ,, thanks

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