Friday, July 10, 2009

Greening the River Des Peres?

The River Des Peres is an unattractive drainage ditch forming the southern edge and entrance to our city.

It's upland areas are being improved with nice bike trails, bridges, and landscaping. But the banks down the side are bare dirt with no visual interest.

Long stretches of time pass when the river is nearly empty. During periods of heavy rain, it fills up and looks like a real river. Most of the year, however, it's somewhere in between with a fairly low waterline.

What is the possibilty of planting vegetation along these banks to make the area greener and more pleasing to the eye?


Anonymous said...

Improving the River Des Peres is a better idea (and cheaper) than the fabled Chouteau Greenway.

Gregg said...

I heard the an empty River Des Peres is good for night mountain bike rides