Tuesday, July 21, 2009

South Kingshighway Community Development Ideas

With yesterday's news that the Avalon Theater is being offered for sale, the Southampton listserve has been abuzz with ideas about how to redevelop the vacant theater property.

Today, there is discussion on the list of forming a nonprofit organization to further target the revitalization of the Kingshighway corridor. The area being considered runs from the closed Don Brown Dodge dealership at Fyler all the way south to the Burlington Coat factory shopping center at Kingshighway and Christy Boulevards.

Perhaps interest in the fate of the Avalon Theater will be the catalyst to advance a renewed development effort in the area?


LisaS said...

that sort of thinking is needed all the way to the other Don Brown dealership(s) at Southwest.

Michael R. Allen said...

Any discussion about historic districts? Southampton and Northampton are ripe for survey and district nominations.

Court said...

I don't know as much about the district as some, but is the Avalon convertible space, or would it serve best as a theater?

Rick Bonasch said...

It's a pretty simple building, small lobby area for the concession stand, and then a large auditorium for the theater space.

I'm guessing the seating capacity was about 500 persons. It's nothing fancy and there's no balcony.

It's in seriously deteriorated condition and would need a total rehab.