Monday, May 03, 2010

Heads Up!

"Heads Up!"

At youth baseball games, that's the cry you hear whenever a foul ball is headed to the stands, especially if it's on its way to a place where people might not see it coming.

Meanwhile, in the big leagues, next to Busch III, someone might want to warn passers by with the same familar call about the fence that lines the long- delayed Ballpark Village site. Pedestrians need to watch out that they don't accidentally hit their heads or end up with an eye injury thanks to the razor sharp top of the BP Village fence that is jutting into the sidewalk.

This wayward section of fence is right in the same location where lines of tourist buses park to pick up and drop off passengers attending Cardinal games. The sidewalk carries thousands of pedestrians on their way to and from ballgames.

Maybe this is the year the fence around Ballpark Village will come down? In the meantime, better keep your "heads up"!


Mark Groth said...

It just goes to show you how complacent St. Louisians are that we haven't taken to the streets over this issue. I mean, we're supposed to be a baseball city, and we've allowed Dewitt to de-value this part of our city. People picket the destruction of properties (South Side Bank at Gravois/Grand and San Luis) but nobody seems to care about this surface parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Dream on about this being the year that Ballpark Village becomes reality - the year that the fence is torn down. Geeze, man, accept the fact that Ballpark Village was a fairy tale from day one, to get tax breaks, deny they are tax breaks, and get more money from your team while contributing to the election warchest of our fab Mayor Slay, who used the contributions to whip Maida Coleman in the mayoral election. Ray Leisure could have beaten poor old Maida, and from the grave, too. So you complain about a fence? Get a grip, Bonash.

Rick Bonasch said...

Anonymous, the rhetorical question about the fence coming down was intended to be tongue in check. if the BV fence does come down this year, it will probably be for greenspace or a parking lot.

Anyhow, I always wonder who takes the occasional gratuitous slam? Someone who doesn't know how to spell Bonasch apparently.

No worries, anon. That "c" always gets dropped.

Not sure the point of your comment otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever seriously believe the garbage they put forth that they were going to build Ball Park Village????

Anyone at all???

All of you supporters got snookered with your eyes wide open like calves to the slaughter.