Monday, May 24, 2010

One More Bridge to Go?

Friday's celebration surrounding the demolition of the St. Louis Centre skybridge over Washington Avenue clears the way for one more step towards the revitalization of downtown St. Louis. The removal of the skybridge creates an uninterrupted streetscape view down Washington Avenue - to the west.

The view above is what will be revealed looking east - the nearly fifty-year old elevated lanes of I-70 above Memorial Drive. Just beyond the elevated lanes are the Eads Bridge, the Mississippi River, the Arch grounds, Laclede's Landing and a Metrolink station.

Imagine in place of the elevated lanes a new, at-grade, pedestrian friendly boulevard. An at grade boulevard in place of the elevated lanes creates clear views east and west along Washington Avenue.

The all-volunteer citizens group City to River is proposing just that, with the goal of seeing teams competing in the Arch design competition propose highway removal as part of their design solutions to reconnect the city to the riverfront and Arch grounds.

For more information on City to River's efforts to replace the soon-to-be-former elevated and depressed lanes of I-70 through downtown with a new urban boulevard, visit the City to River website or contact

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Anonymous said...

So how did the wine and cheese party go that celebrated the demolition of the skybridge? You must have attended the event, along with all the other brown-nosers and Slay followers. Give us a blow by blow and list all the swells who attended the high-brow event. What is the skivvy, Rick?