Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go Dog, Go!

The growing numbers of scooters on the streets of downtown is a telling sign of downtown's continuing rebirth. Scooters are cool, and their riders make downtown feel more alive.

Just the other day, though, I saw a strange sight. A businessman riding a high powered, fast scooter, was racing down Olive. That was cool, but he was also running red light after red light. Hey, keep up that pace, and you'll run head long into the river! Well, okay, he'd be blocked by the depressed lanes of I-70...

Now sure, it's common to see bicyclists run red lights, and pedestrians walking against a light or jaywalking, but motorized scooters? Dude! You're taking things too far!

Okay, so I suppose there's a sense of anarchy and coolness associated with scooters. They're a rebel ride. But blowing red lights around the Old Post Office? Is that cool?

Granted, there are some blocks in the city and even one way streets, where there are so few cars - or people - or even houses - that the writer of this blog has been known to take some "liberties". It's sort of one of those tree falling in the forest things - would anyone even know?

But in the heart of downtown, dressed in a suit and tie, in the middle of the morning-arrive-to-work-hour? We are a real city after all, and there have to be some rules, right?

Maybe we need cops on scooters!

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Jason Stokes said...

We have cops on scooters. The local officer in Lafayette Square rides a scooter around the neighborhood. It's hilarious to see him pull a car over on it.