Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Is that something?

With the main stage behind them, citizens sit on concrete steps at the riverfront to see something:

In a scene reminiscent of old St. Louis, these citizens are gathered under trees and view something:

With the main stage off in the distance, possibly 300,000 gather to watch something under the Arch:

Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, the streets and alleys of Laclede's Landing are mostly empty:

Yet the people at Laclede's Landing gather to watch something:

Performing in the shadow of the Eads Bridge, in front of a couple hundred people, local R and B group, Power Play, knocks out hit after hit of Motown and soul classics.

Power Play has performed around St. Louis for almost 20 years.

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Yet Another St. Louis Blog by Kevin B. said...

When I was on the Archgrounds around two on Sunday, I was amazed (and disappointed) at the lack of activity there. I think a lot of that had to do with the high waters - Instead of everything getting focused on the riverfront, it was widely spread around the Arch and people didn't gather en masse.

The Landing, I think succeeded because of its small quarters. Sure, a lot less people were there (obviously), but the ones who were had a better point-of-focus. Mainly 2nd Street and the 1st Street stage.

Clamorgan Alley may have been a bad picture choice as it's not one of the 'front doors.' Throughout the weekend, it seemed like there was a steady stream of visitors on the two previously mentioned streets.

And the Elvis impersonator on the 4th of July had everybody exiting the Archgrounds post-fireworks and crowding the grassy area west of the stage.