Friday, August 13, 2010

Illinois Gems

Illinois is a state filled with rare treasures. The small towns and farms, and beautiful court houses hold many wonderful surprises.

Adorning a small conference room in a central Illinois municipal office, is a work of art completed as part of the Public Works of Art Project, also known as the Federal Art Project.

It's interesting to note that over 70 years ago, at a time of economic stress, the federal government intervened not only in providing public works projects but also public art projects.

The work pictured above was completed in 1934. A brass plaque at the bottom of the frame reads, "Public Works of Art". The painting is signed "John Stephen 34". I wonder what the subject is? The mood is an awesome reflection of the times.

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Rencelas said...

I particularly love the murals at the Post Office downtown. Spectacular public art done in the same era.