Tuesday, August 24, 2010

STL has lots of company in quest for highway removal...

Nationwide Downtown Highway Removal Projects - Completed or Proposed:

I-64 along the Ohio River - Louisville

I-84 Aetna Viaduct - Hartford

Alaskan Way Viaduct -Seattle

Sheridan Expwy - Bronx NY

The Skyway and Route 5 - Buffalo

Route 34 -New Haven CT

Claiborn Expwy - New Orleans

Interstate 81 - Syracuse

Route 29 - Trenton

Gardiner Expwy -Toronto

11th Street Bridges and Southeast Fwy - Washington DC

Downtown lanes of I-70 - St.Louis

Milwaukee Park East Freeway (complete)

Portland waterfront (complete)

Embarcadero - San Francisco (complete)

Central Freeway - Octavia Boulevard
San Francisco (complete)

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