Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cart Security

A shopper at the downtown Culinaria had some pastry boxes and shopping bags loaded into her shopping cart. As she was rolling the cart out the front door of the store, the cart lurched to a stop.

What to do? Flummoxed, the shopper loaded all her purchases into her arms, left the cart at the door, and labored out to her parked car.

Apparently, Schnucks has a security system on its carts which prevents people from leaving the store with their shopping carts. That's a good idea, but makes things tricky for shoppers.

STL Rising Trivia Tip Of The Day: When taking your Culinaria purchases to a car parked on the street, be sure to ask the Culinaria staff for a courtesy assist.

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Anonymous said...

Target at Hampton & Chippewa has the same kind of carts. They work within the parking lot/garage but if you try to take them off Target's property the wheels lock up. In Target's case, there are clearly visible warnings about it. Never been to Culinaria.