Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Media Advisory: "Avoid Downtown If You Can"

No way to frame a masterpiece...

Today's multi-vehicle accident between the Arch and the Old Court House, which snarled I-70 traffic in both directions for over an hour, provides stark illustration of the unsightly and dangerous barrier in the middle of downtown created by the depressed and elevated lanes of I-70.

Emergency crews filled the depressed lanes. Let's hope there were no serious injuries. News coverage on all major media outlets is continuing. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the accident, most downtown streets remained undisturbed.

KMOV's coverage including lots of additional photographs of the early scenes of the wreckage along with reader comments.


Kevin B, YAStLBlog said...

I know the wreck is bad (for those involved and the ones stuck on the depressed lanes) and it's kind of mean-spirited to look at this as a positive, but, darnit, it is. I hope people look at this and it helps them look favorably on the City to River plan.

On the other hand, this occurred right under the proposed lid -- imagine the mess if that were in place! -- and people may look at it as a reason against even building that.

Anonymous said...

A new I-70 bridge north of downtown would have been nice to have about now..