Thursday, February 10, 2011

City Identifies Source to Help Replace Earnings Tax?

In referring to a state law passed in the 1980s, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay may have found a major funding souce to offset a portion of the City's current earning tax.

According to the law, the state of Missouri is responsible for over $100,000,000 of the cost to operate the St. Louis police department.

On a recent newscast, Mayor Slay stated that unless Jefferson City returns control of the department back to St. Louis City, "we could send them a bill".

A St.Louis Police Officers Association representative called the tactic a political manuever. Slay replied "this is not a ploy".

When interviewed by Fox 2 News reporter Charles Jaco, Governor Jay Nixon had "no comment".

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Anonymous said...

This should be interesting. I've got popcorn. I would love to see the state on the hook for our Police Dept. In my opinion, the STLPD is essentially a state militia, except we pay for its operation. I believe we could resume control, but the overseeing body would need to be structured so that political considerations are minimized. It would be naive to think that all politics could be kept from the operational process, but we could format the governing body in such a way that this wouldn't be the problem it is now, or have the greater potential for if control was returned to the City.