Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cleveland HS and Others Like It

Perusing the other urblogs around Saint Louis, STL Rising is very dismayed to learn, if indeed true, that when it comes to demolition, the historically significant buildings of the St. Louis Public School system are exempted from the city's preservation framework, including Cultural Resource Office and Preservation Board reviews.

As these handsome public school buildings are architectural centerpieces in many city neighborhoods, it's sad news indeed to learn that these physical assets are not protected from short-fused demolitions like most of the city's built environment.

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GMichaud said...

So how is a modification of the law made? By Aldermen or Alderwomen?, surely someone knows an Alderman or Alderwoman who would fix this. It is a crime, the schools should have the same standards as the rest of the City. Demolition needs to become an alternative of last resort.