Friday, August 12, 2011

Time to Raise the Roof at Lambert's East Terminal?

With Southwest's recent acquisition of AirTran, parking at the East Terminal's short term parking garage is frequently unavailable. According to airport parking garage and security workers, from Monday through Friday, the East Terminal short term parking garage is regularly maxed out.

While a packed parking garage is a good sign that travel volume is on the increase, does the shortage of supply warrant a possible exansion of the East Terminal garage? Does anyone know if the building was designed to add a few more decks of parking spaces?

A shortage of parking in STL. Who'd a thunk it?


Darknight said...

Well, I never park at the airport itself. I find it a lot easier and faster to park at one of the dozens of nearby private parking lots and ride the shuttle bus in.

I don't see the need for more on-site parking, myself.

Rick Bonasch said...

You park at remote lots when picking up passengers??

If the short term lot is full, where are people supposed to park to pick up travelers? On the other side of the airport - a total inconvenience.

Yo Dark Night, do you think people are using the short term lot all day - or multiple days?