Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloggers Unified...About What?

Following up on yesterday's discussion, if there was an effort to unify blogs, what sorts of things would make sense to address? Progressive efforts range from national issues to very place-based concerns here in St. Louis.

The range of possible issues is very wide. From updating our region's waste water management system, to promoting the notion of St. Louis City reentering St. Louis County, to historic preservation, to urban design. Plus a lot more.

Going in too many directions dilutes the message to the point of having little impact. Are there areas where unified bloggers might help bring about community progress? Or is that happening already and maybe things should be left alone?

How about ending the policy of no beer sales at high school baseball games? That's a real head scratcher. Young ball players grow up from kindergarten through 8th grade playing at athletic association fields across the St. Louis region, where family and friends gather to enjoy watching games and share a beer if they like.

Yet when these same ballplayers make it to high school, playing on these same fields, the snack bar shuts down the tap. What's the difference? Maybe this is a topic better sought by the beer bloggers (they are out there, aren't they?)


Unknown said...

It's always noble to come together in support of beer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe bloggers would have better luck than did print editorialists at encouraging changes to the st. Louis city charter, combinations of various municpal services throughout the city and the county, and some sort of joining of the city and the county?

Anonymous said...

Can't drink beer at College games either. (well, not sold within the venue, anyway).