Monday, November 14, 2005

Keep Kids Alive-Drive 25

A lot of things go into making a neighborhood a nice place to live. Good educational opportunities, lots of street trees, beautiful architecture, and nice neighbors are some of them. Another is having automobile traffic that is driving at a safe speed.

Traffic calming is something that a lot of neighborhoods consider as a way to slow down speeding traffic. However, retrofitting an existing neighborhood with traffic calming measures can be a difficult, expensive proposition. Many neighbors object to any changes.

One very low cost alternative to slow down traffic in your neighborhood is the "Keep Kids Alive-Drive 25" program. It started in the upper midwest by a gentleman by the name of Tom Everson. Keep Kids Alive-Drive 25 is a public awareness campaign about promoting safe driving in residential areas.

I serve as a volunteer contact for the program for the St. Louis area. If anyone has any questions about bringing the Keep Kids Alive-Drive 25 program to their neighborhood, just drop me a line or ask about it here on the website.


Anonymous said...

Getting the parked cars off the streets would be a good start. They certainly hamper visibility of kids.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with that comment. For one thing, where are cars supposed to go? I live in south city, but I don't have a garage, and therefore have to park on the street.
Also, those parked cars make me feel safer when I walk on the sidewalk. If, for instance a car swerved to miss a squirrel, it would hit a parked car, instead of driving up on the sidewalk and hitting me.